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Os sucessores de Fatal

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Fatal, para as pessoas que não conhecem, é considerado por muitos o pior rpg desenvolvido. Clique aqui para entender a razão. Por acaso encontrei dois rpgs que são bons sucessores.

O primeiro é deadEarth. No Rpgcharacters tem dois artigos onde o dono do blog tenta criar um personagem para o sistema. Nas duas vezes, o personagem morre antes de terminar a ficha. Pra quem quiser ler, aqui e aqui.

O segundo é Hybrid. Não consegui achar sobre o que se trata o jogo ou mesmo como funciona seu sistema. O que eu achei foi esse review e esse blog oficial do sistema. Bastou olhar parte da mecânica para entender como ela é ruim. Ou resumindo, basta ler a regra 510 do sistema:

Rule # 510: The only thing that my rpg doesn’t do is calculus, but I will attempt @ a later time to figure out if it is possible for me to generate or/and derive calculus with my 4 equations: which is why I say that you need to use real science, assuming real science is based on calculus, assuming it isn’t lot of propaganda, like Stalin killing his own citizens with/for no reason, which was he forced his citizens to work in harsh working conditions, but as I was saying: you also need to use along with real science, calculus, along with it, you need to also use my pseudo-science, which consist of 4 main equations, if you wish to understand or/and play my rpg HYBRID. But, when I make statement that other rpg designers get their ideas from me is meant as figure of speech to show how astronomical low a chance it is: the odds of that would be equivalent to some asteroid hitting earth with force of an atomic or/and nuclear bomb; and, the probability of me getting my ideas from other rpgs is even less, since I’d have to be some sort of genius or lucky, neither of which I’m NOT, to connect all rpgs & all of reality with only 4 equations, where for accuracy % = {100*(1-1/N)}, where N = 4, for 4 equations, so THEN my rpg is 75% accurate if I use only 4 equations as the foundation for my rpg HYBRID; but, in my opinion, I’ve seemed to have managed to connect all rpgs & perhaps all of reality with 4 equations: {X^LOG10(X)} & also {mass for almost NON-living astronomical object(s) in kg = [10^(10*LOG10(X))] kg, when X = C2 DP, is the 4th brilliant equation as foundation for my rpg HYBRID, which is free, since I’m NOT sure how I can charge for something that is essentially a 1 page rpg, with rest essentially explanations}, with frequency of use (in my rpg HYBRID) is about square root of previous equation, so the 2nd equation is used as often as square root of the 1st equation, and the 3rd equation is used as often as the square root as the 2nd equation. And, as for the similarities with my rpg HYBRID and other rpg, I can only assume it’s FATE, which I’m NOT referring to the rpg FATE, but FATE as in destiny, sort of like perhaps the rise and fall of the Roman Empire was perhaps linked to my 4 equations, meaning it was destined, meaning like a fractal, which is recursive like my 4 equations and my rpg HYBRID, or sort of like Columbus was destined to discover the Caribbean’s. And, now that the DISCLAIMER is given to the readers, I’d like to present my newest finding or/and discovery of another similarity with my rpg HYBRID with [SAS & BESM D20}. And, if I confuse BESM D20 with SAS, and vice versa, please excuse me, but both rpgs have properties that are similar to my rpg HYBRID, and I’m trying to figure out why, but it could be just a coincidence, since my rpg is similar to so many other rpgs, also. And, BESM D20, assuming it wasn’t SAS, computes C2 by Y*Y, where Y = ABMS, which is LS, DP, & PL in my rpg HYBRID, where Y is then reduced by HALF, but it doesn’t give reason, but it is probably so that its PL can be increased by 2x, but @ cost of reducing its or his LS or Life Span by HALF, which is the 2nd part of this little algorithm, with the 3rd part being 2x of default PL to get new PL, but @ cost of reducing or decreasing default LS or Life Span to HALF its original in terms of points @ C2, which [reducing LS in HALF from its original default level @ C2 to HALF of C2], might be referred to as defect in SAS, which is what’s done in my rpg HYBRID, but I did not get this/these idea(s) from BESM, but I thought of it/them (these ideas) independently, before I even heard of BESM rpg. The Mind & Soul stat often gets interchanged in BESM rpg, but they are NOT the same: similarly, in my (free) rpg HYBRID, the two of the three stats, DP & PL, get interchanged in my rpg, but they, also, are NOT the same. THIS SIMILARITY IS ALSO A PURE COINCIDENCE, as is some of the properties of Besom’s 3 stats, Body, Mind, & Soul, are similar to my 3 stats [LS, DP, & PL] in my rag HYBRID, which is a tri-stat system: LS or Life Span, DP for Default Psyche, & PL for Power Level; but, BESM gets similar results in an awkward way as if it’s going out of its way to paraphrase my ideas, [YES, ALL RPGS SEEM TO BE GETTING ALL OF THEIR IDEAS FROM MY RPG, IF THEY ALL USE MAXWELL’S EQUATION OF TIME TRAVEL TO FIND THE GREATEST RPG THAT BEING MY RPG HYBRID, FOR EVEN ABERRANT RPG IS FLAWED IN TERMS OF ITS MECHANICS [WHICH IS POORLY BASED ON MY RPG MECHANICS] BUT THE HAPLESS (if it has a derogatory meaning, please forgive me) (unsuspecting) PLAYERS DO NOT SEEM TO SEE IT, EXCEPT FOR ME, for I alone see the flaws [ by the term “flaw”, I meant NOT clearly defined, for Quantum has 2 different types of values, but this is NOT written, for it is based on my term “difference” and “PL”, where Level is DP, and it assumed that LS is human level or slightly more unless defined otherwise: but, NO ONE can see it, since they hide it by dividing all #s usually by 10 & @ other times they give false unit, which is wrong unit, meaning it should be 1 less or more, when unit is wrong], and this in Aberrant rpg seems clear to me, SINCE MY RPG HAS IDEAS THAT SEEM TO APPEAR IN ALL RPGS, which all other rpg poorly use or understand my rpg mechanics, which is so extremely simple, that one must assume that they either intentionally create such errors or they are plagiarizing off of me by using Maxwell’s Equation of time travel to find the greatest rpg that being my rpg, but they ran out of points so they did NOT see/read my rpg clearly as they should to understand it fully, sort of like taking information from the internet, except this information is from the future that being my rpg, HYBRID, and (they) using Maxwell’s time travel equation which is expensive, & NOT cheap, so they probably ran out of points & ran out of time, before they could get all of my rpg ideas, such as BESM’s Body Mind Soul rpg mechanics is based on my LS, DP, & PL, but thank god, they poorly under(stand/stood) my rpg mechanics, so that I can be sure that my rpg is the source or is a coincidence that my rpg is the source; and, EVEN THOUGH I DO NOT GET MY IDEAS FROM OTHER RPG, EXCEPT LESS THAN 1%] (THEY SEEM TO BE MAKING) the process of paraphrasing is referred to as hashing in computer science, but I don’t hash ideas, but I state my ideas [which is like Mage the Ascension, but also like Aberrant, Rifts [referring to lines of force], TORG, Amber [with its pattern, which is similar to that of Dr Who’s “time sensitive Timelords”, but with minimum base for pattern @ 100 C2], Dragonball-Z rpg, and Yu-Gi-Oh, latter last in a dream like manner] plainly and clearly as possible s I see it, WHY most rpgs are like (a) pothole(s) on (a) road(s)]. And, it’s a complete coincidence that they are similar to my (free) rpg HYBRID, which is free, since it’s based on only 9 CORE equations, in which only the Psyche stat from the ‘86 MU TSR rpg is defined @ C#, which is USUALLY @ C1 for Psyche, but since other powers /attributes/ stats vary in units of magnitude, why I came up with C#, since Odin is NOT @ C1, [yes & NO: since C# is recursive @ X^LOG10(X)], but @ C2, which is what the MU Silver Surfer is @ C2 PL, but his Psyche is @ C1 @ {(2d6)*(1d6)}, why I keep saying either than rpg writers are stealing my ideas or it’s a complete coincidence, which in that case, it could be something similar to MU Ragnorrok, splitting of souls, but it could be just a coincidence, or maybe Maxwell’s time travel equations taking place. You do NOT need to buy BESM D20, since it’s can be simplified into a single line of code, which is an amalgam of C3 or/and C4 for its experience points, while its character points is/are an amalgam of C1 or/and C2. NOTE that C4 is used in Synnibarr rpg, and depending on how you define the BESM D20 chart, it can be @ C4 for its experience points, if the chart refers to low powered mutants or elite male humans, else it’s for very powerful mutants if defined @ C3; but, by just looking @ the BESM D20 chart, it’s NOT clear if it (referring to experience points) is meant to be @ PL or @ DP, since it can very much significantly alter the character. And, Do NOT forget Rule # 3 & # 6, if you don’t want to use charts or want a reason behind the charts, then using X^LOG10(X) is the only way to get/calculate the experience points as shown in BESM D20 is to add 20 to base 10 @ C1, which is then converted to C3, which is what the experience points in BESM D20 is @ C3. But, the character points are @ C1, if BESM D20 interpreted my rules correctly, else the BESM D20 chart is wrong in BESM D20, meaning it would be off slightly, then, since it is used incorrectly since it’s NOT talking about Godzilla, which is what it would need to be referring to, since you’d have to add 3 PL points to its Default PL to reduce its LS or Life Span by 3 C1 points, meaning {30 +/- 3 @ C1}, UNLESS the experience points is @ C4 rather than C3, then, the base is @ C2 rather than C1, giving the {30 +/ – 3 @ C2}, which is WHY SAS has a total of 111.89 to 202.25 points @ C3, by X^LOG10(X), but if the C2 in the equation for X were @ C1 rather than C2, THEN RATHER THAN a ninja, the monster would be Godzilla rather than a (cinematic) ninja, which is 100 to 200 C3, and NO, the real Jacky Chan doesn’t get that many points, but LOT less points @ 4 AMBS @ 4^2 C2 DP = 16 C2 DP or @ 2.818 gpa in martial arts @ 28.18 C3 DP by 16^LOG10(16 C2), by (C3/10) = gpa in martial arts, but in (the) cartoon Jacky Chan cartoon, gpa in martial arts = (C3/100) or (C2/10), which are slightly unequal but close enough, but cinematic martial arts gpa be (C3/20), if you make cap of 100 or 123 C3 as maximum; while, Godzilla is @ 100 to 200 C2 DP @ {(30 +/- 3) @ C1 DP}, which is maximum value, while its minimum value is {(20 +/-2) @ C1 DP} but a similar creature @ HALF points in Yu-Gi-Oh would be @ PL [but, NOT because it is @ HALF] but NOT @ DP, by the equation X*LOG10(X), which if used for Godzilla, then X is @ C2; but, X in 2nd equation is @ C3 for a ninja; but, BESM D20 can be simplified into 1 line of code, or perhaps even less than 1 line of code, if you were to be able to understand it, that being my simplified explanation, but NOTE that it is almost exactly same as in my rpg HYBRID, but I had NOT taken it from BESM D20, for it is a complete coincidence for its similarity with my rpg HYBRID, referring to molecular control in BESM D20, which is @ (base = 20 @ C1, which can be @ either PL or DP depending on how powerful you want to make the character) + 1 for Rank, after Rank, which is extra points added to base, which is subtracted from total C2, giving a difference, which is NOT the difference in COM to DP which I was referring to earlier, but this particular type of difference is converted from C2 to C1, with total @ C1, where 21 C1 = 56 C2 by 21^LOG10(21 C1) = 56 C2, where Rank of 6 = 50 + 6, with base 20 = 20 C1, but the tunneling example, is @ PL & NOT @ DP, where my C1 is referred to as character level in BESM D20, and even the invisibility chart for BESM D20 is almost same as in my rpg HYBRID, that it’s a cosmically freaking coincidence, but you need to keep in mind that PL is used for weak mutants and weak power stunts, when that # is same when compared to another mutant with same # but @ DP rather than @ PL; while, DP is used for powerful mutants or/and power stunts, when that # is same when compared to another mutant with same # but @ PL rather than @ DP, but PL & DP are/means different, meaning in terms of Rule # 3 & # 6: <> I hate my word processor: it’s so damn slow, especially the delete & the cursor key/button, which freezes my computer for brief moment, every time, it’s enough to make anyone mad, if they used a similar word processor, or it could be just that my computer is slow. And, I can see flaws in their rpgs, such as in BESM’s starting 30 point for a mutant is similar to a premise I use in my rpg based on his 30 C2 DP, for the starting point for mutants, but SINCE ALL RPG HAVE FLAWS, BUT # OF FLAWS in their rpg IS REDUCED BY REDUCING THEIR # OF RULES in their rpg, since I came up with these ideas over a period of time during the 1990s & still today, since my rpg is incomplete; or, they are hav(e/ing) the same train of thoughts, but NOT revealing the CORE rules, NOT even in published format, NOT even for a price, by any rpg company, except for me, regarding the CORE rules, which they seem to be trying to keep for themselves, but they’re NOT publishing it, except for me, but it’s here for free, since partly for reason that many of the character example I’m using are copyrighted [meaning MU & DC characters are NOT mine, NOT mine, referring to MU & DC characters, but used simply to illustrate my rpg ideas better, in terms of rpg, for my rpg HYBRID mechanics], where my examples use characters such as Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Dr Octopus, etc, & I wouldn’t be able to use these characters for my examples to explain my rpg HYBRID, which for the foreseeable future is or/and will be free, that being my rpg HYBRID, is or will be free for the foreseeable future, if I were to try to publish my rpg for a price, which is unlikely, so don’t be discouraged from reading my rpg, since it’s free, although the grammar might seem cumbersome, there are lot of good ideas in my rpg, good enough to read & improve & understand your own rpg & other rpgs including understand science-fiction stories better, and besides, I hate having to deal with the legal aspect of publishing is complicated, at least for me, since I hate stress, so I’m making my rpg HYBRID free, the CORE rules. Or, it’s a coincidence that my rpg has properties that are similar to 1.23 dozen other rpgs, which may have something to do with the # 12, since I’m NOT able to reduce my rpg to less than 12 CORE rules, like the 12 Monkeys, movie, but after (a) dozens of coincidences, I wonder.

E se você conseguiu ler a regra inteira, parabéns. Minha sanidade e capacidade de concentração só me permitiriam alcançar até a sétima linha.

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  1. Carlos Hentges permalink
    16/09/2009 7:40 pm

    Eu li até o final e me pareceu perfeitamente coerente. Eu faria uma sessão baseada nos filmes do Ed Wood.

  2. 16/09/2009 10:52 pm

    HYBRID é a verdade e a vida. César, obrigado por me mostrar o caminho da iluminação!

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